Diagnostic Codes

ICD-9▾▴ ICD-10▾▴ Description▾▴ Definition▾▴ Location▾▴
626.0N91.2Amenorrhea, unspecified Menstrual
847.0Sprain and strain of neck Neck
723.1M54.2Cervicalgia (Neck Pain) Neck
724.4Thoracic or lumbosacral neuritis or radiculitis, unspecified Lumbosacral Spine
787.02R11.0Nausea Nausea
524.52M26.52Limited mandibular range of motion (TMJ) Head
355.0Lesion of sciatic nerve (piriformis syndrome) Sciatica muscle origin Lumbosacral Spine
S16.8XXAOther specified injury of muscle, fascia and tendon at neck level, initial encounter Neck
719.41M25.511Pain in right shoulder Shoulder
F43.0Acute stress reaction Mental Emotional
780.52G47.00Insomnia, unspecified Insomnia
729.5M79.601Pain in right arm Arm and Elbow
719.45M25.551Pain in right hip Pelvis
357.7G62.2Polyneuropathy due to other toxic agents 
M50.122Cervical disc disorder at C5-C6 level with radiculopathy (effective 10-1-2016) Neck
724.8M54.03Panniculitis affecting regions of neck and back, cervicothoracic region Neck
739.1M99.01Segmental and somatic dysfunction of cervical region Cervical Spine
355.9E08.41Diabetes mellitus due to underlying condition with diabetic mononeuropathy Diabetes
357.2E08.40Diabetes mellitus due to underlying condition with diabetic neuropathy, unspecified Diabetes
628.9N97.9Female infertility, unspecified Fertility
729.5M79.662Pain in left lower leg Knee and Thigh
536.9Unspecified functional disorder of stomach (pain) Abdomen
719.41M25.511Pain in right shoulder Shoulder
724.5M54.9Dorsalgia, unspecified Thoracic Spine
310.2F07.81Post concussion syndrome Head

Evaluation and Management Codes

CPT Code▾▴ Description▾▴
99213Office or other outpatient visit for the evaluation and management of an established patient, which requires a medically appropriate history and/or examination and low level of medical decision making. When using time for code selection, 20-29 minutes of total time is spent on the date of the encounter.