Mission Statement

To strengthen and grow the Acupuncture profession by providing education, tools, and support that continually improve the productivity, profitability, and well-being of the alternative health community as a whole.

Customer service and commitment to our clients is the driving force and main goal of our team. We strive to get it right and create a pleasant experience for you at every step of the way. We believe that you have the right to know what level of service you can expect from us at all times and we hope to exceed the already high expectations we have set for ourselves.

Customer Service Business Hours

Closed: Saturday-Sunday and all major holidays
*Information Network hours vary and do not apply to regularly listed customer service hours

Inquiries and Questions

We have the honor of providing 100% customized support when you send us an inquiry. We are a small business and proud to have had the pleasure of getting to know many of our customers personally over the years. Robots and machines will not be answering your very important questions. As such, our assistance may not always be immediate, but it will be of quality. Our goal is to provide an answer or a response to your phone message, email message, or contact form inquiry within two business hour of the inquiry being sent. In the rare occasion we need more time to answer a complex inquiry, we will respond and let you know that we are working on it.

Ordering with American Acupuncture Council

If you want to order anything with HJ Ross, we want to make the process as easy and efficient as possible. Here are the methods you can order with us depending on the product or service:
Seminars: Orders are transacted both Online and over the phone.
AcuCode: Orders are transacted both Online and over the phone
Information Network: Orders are transacted both Online and over the phone.


Orders placed online will receive an instant receipt to the email address provided. Orders placed over the phone, or in-person will be sent a physical receipt via USPS.

Refunds & Credits

We always want you to be happy with your purchase and experience with us. The services we offer vary in nature so we have outlined the refund and credit policy for each in order to be as transparent as possible.
Seminars: We offer one of the most lenient policies in the business when it comes to seminars. If you book a seminar and need to cancel for any reason, a full refund is given as long as we have 30 days’ notice in advance of the seminar date. Within 30 days of the seminar, we are pleased to offer a full credit in the amount paid. This credit will never expire, and can be used towards the payment of any future seminar. In order to apply the credit that you have on file, simply call us and we can allocate that at your discretion.
AcuCode Digital : Refunds are not offered once your account has been accessed via logging-in. Reoccurring subscription services can be cancelled at any time under My Account then my subscriptions and select the action cancel. Payments must be cancelled before auto deduct occurs. Refunds for monthly subscriptions cannot be issued after they have occurred.No refunds for annual subscriptions after 3 months of charge.
Information Network: Refunds are not offered to Network Members once they have activated the service. Reoccurring subscription services can be cancelled at any time under My Account then my subscriptions and select the action cancel. Payments must be cancelled before auto deduct occurs. Refunds for monthly subscriptions cannot be issued after they have occurred. No refunds for annual subscriptions after 3 months of charge.


Our Customer service representatives adhere to the daily pricing structure that are listed on the website. In fairness to all customers, we are not able to negotiate a lower price beyond what the website lists on any particular day. If you believe there is a glitch or error with any of our listed pricing, please contact us immediately so that we can assist in resolving.

Coupon Codes

From time-to-time we will offer coupon codes giving discounts on various products. If you have a coupon code it must be used at point of transaction. We are never able to retroactively apply or honor a coupon code once an order has been submitted, nor are we able to offer a partial refund when a coupon code was not applied at checkout. When attempting to use a coupon code during check-out, the website will populate a response listing the percentage discount or the validity of the coupon code to assist you during the process.


Your personal information and secure data is of the utmost importance to us. Our sites are verified secure, and all payment data is received by Authorize.net. When orders are transacted online, our company will never actually have access to your billing information because that is encrypted and run-through Authorize. Net’s propriety service.

Changes to Seminar Dates and Locations

Very occasionally situations along with unforeseen or extraordinary circumstances require us to significantly change the schedule and dates and/or times of our seminars. We can’t stress enough how very rarely this is done. However, in this event we will contact attendees who have booked with us using the telephone number and/or e mail address given to us at the time the booking was made. Full refunds are always offered when significant scheduling changes are made to seminars.

Continuing Education Units

Approvals: We take all our business ventures seriously, but Continuing Education Units (CEUs) and/or Professional Development Activity (PDAs) are of the utmost importance to us because your professional licensure is so valuable. It is important to know that not every seminar is approved for CEUs or PDAs in your state or location. Many times we only apply for CEUs in the location or region where the seminar is hosted. In some instances CEUs may not be offered at all. Transparency with CEUs is always our main focus so we try and advertise approvals as best as possible, however if you have any doubts whether your program is approved or not it is always best to contact us so we can give you the most accurate answer. Verification of CEU approval should always be conducted independently with your state board or national regulatory agency.

State License Requirements: We are never able to answer questions about what your particular state or national regulatory agencies require in order for your license to renew, those questions must always be directed to that particular board. We would be happy to assist you in finding that contact information.

Certificates and Lost Certificate: Continuing Education Certificates from our live seminars are sent within 30 days of the seminar date. They are sent USPS in an oversized white envelope to the address provided at time of booking. If you do not receive your certificate within the 30 day window please contact us immediately. Inaccurate or incomplete paperwork, as well as non-payment of CEU fees will result in not being sent a certificate within the 30 day window. Once 60 days has passed from a seminar date, we are unable to rectify CEU processing issues due to regulatory reporting standards.

If for some reason you require a duplicate certificate, we are happy to process this request but it will take up to 30 days to receive a duplicate. Expedite requests can be fulfilled within 48 hours for a $25 expedite fee.

Certification (starting June 6, 2019)

To get Certified at a Live Seminar simply register and attend, but do pay attention because there is a quiz after the seminar. Follow the directions to take the quiz online and once you pass you will be able to download your Certificate. You will need to get 70% of the answers correct, and you will be able retake the quiz if you do not pass the first time. To take the live seminar quiz click here.