Introduction to Insurance Billing and Coding for Acupuncture

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Whether you are looking to launch or revitalize a practice, this course is loaded with invaluable information for every acupuncturist or staff member. For years AAC has been asked to provide a practice starter guide, and we are now proud to offer a course that has been years in the making.

This 4 hour online webinar is for Acupuncturists or staff looking for the most solid introduction to insurance billing and coding the industry has to offer.

Unlimited access for 60 days allows users to view and view again for maximum benefit of the material presented.

Host: Samuel Collins
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  1. The video instruction is approximately 4 hours and can be viewed at your pace unlimited amounts of time by two IP addresses.
  2. It is recommended that before getting started to print a copy of the course PDF, this will also include a list of what content is in each section.
  3. If you choose to watch the course in segments, just note the time stamp on the video and scroll forward to that point when you return.
  4. Attached is the PDF companion guide that you may print or download to your desktop to follow the video instruction.

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  • Front office management and office flow- phone and face-to-face procedures & protocols
  • Induction of the new and established patient – intake forms: what is the minimum and how to use them
  • Insurance
    • Why and how to integrate insurance to an acupuncture practice
    • What is insurance?
      • Indemnity, PPO, HMO, EPO, HSA, Personal Injury, Workers€ Compensation, Medicaid, Medicare€
      • Understanding insurance contracts
      • Pros and Cons of insurance
      • Pros and Cons of being a member provider
      • Managed Care Plans and how they work
      • Cash discounts? Can I charge more for billing insurance?
    • Verifying and monitoring insurance coverage
      • Forms, protocol and laws that protect the doctor and the patient
      • Standard acupuncture coverage
    • Patient understanding of financial obligations
      • Financial agreements
      • Collection of payments
      • Deductibles, co-pays and what the law requires
  • Coding and Billing for Acupuncture
    • CPT & ICD10
      • Evaluation and Management
      • Acupuncture
      • Diagnosis
    • Billing
      • CMS1500
        • Format and instructions
        • Initial visit, follow up and reevaluation
        • Electronic billing
      • Collection and Reconciliation
        • Time frames of payment
        • Reconciling EOB’s & payments
        • Patient billing and collection
        • Laws that protect the provider
      • Superbill
        • Billing insurance without direct billing by the provider
        • Cash and receipts for service