American Acupuncture Council Network (AAC) is an Acupuncture management consultant firm that has been involved with the Acupuncture industry for over 30 years. Its core focus is to streamline insurance operations for thousands of Acupuncturists nationwide through its Information helpline, acupuncture insurance billing education seminar and products.

Through the years, our clients have always depended on the American Acupuncture Council Network to come up with a simpler way to cope with the overwhelming changes in the insurance industry. AAC has one goal in mind . . . to provide its clients with cost- effective, high quality, time-saving products and services. We set the industry standard because we provide the most professional, accurate and ethical services available. Attend our Acupuncture insurance billing education seminar today.

Our Philosophy

To strengthen and grow the Acupuncture profession by providing education, tools, and support that continually improve the productivity, profitability, and well-being of the alternative health community as a whole. The AAC Network is committed to its members to be accurate and ethical in its advice and information. The billing advice we provide is not intended to be legal advice or the practice of law. We urge you to contact your own attorney for whatever legal counsel you believe is appropriate. The AAC Network is dedicate to give members the highest quality experience possible.