Veterans Choice for Acupuncture Webinar

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This four-hour lecture course will provide the acupuncture health care provider with risk management assessment guidelines concerning documentation, compliance with prescribed treatment plans and documentation of medically necessary care per the standards of care for continuity of patient care.

Learning Objectives include:

  • What is VA Choice
  • Veterans available benefits
  • Acupuncturists role in Veterans Choice
  • Who manages VA choice – TriWest and Optum
  • Enrollment in the VA system
  • Who is eligible for VA benefits
  • Authorization of care
  • Reading and understanding authorization and standard episode of care
  • CPT code list and rates. Evaluation and management, Acupuncture, Physical medicine, and Dry needling
  • Documentation and Billing
  • Chart notes & documentation format. Requirements to send notes to the VA Medical Center
  • Requesting additional care

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