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We Help You Grow Your Practice. Advanced Acupuncture Billing and Coding Seminar

A leader in The AAC Network has led the way on ethical billing, coding and reimbursements for the Acupuncture Profession for over 30 years. We know and understand the uniqueness and healing nature of this wonderful profession, so each of our educational offerings are custom designed for the benefit of both practitioners and staff. We will help you navigate the billing maze and provide you with the tools necessary to achieve maximum reimbursements and prosperity. Each acupuncture insurance billing seminar is created to help make you more efficient.

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You have learned to provide excellent care but have you gotten the training to assure the reimbursement of those services. Thousands of Acupuncturists over the years have attended our signature live Advanced Acupuncture Billing and Coding Seminar and are amazed by how much immediate and practical information a single 8 hour day can provide. Each year brings new updates, obstacles, and opportunities to make meaningful enhancements to your practice and the time for fresh information is now. Make 2020 the year that you dedicate to practice success by attending the AAC Network’s most talked about seminar and you will quickly realize it’s the best investment you will make this and every year.

2020 Advanced Acupuncture Billing and Coding Seminar Update

  • 2020 coding updates for ICD10 – Acupuncture specific
  • Diagnoses requirements for acupuncture reimbursement for Aetna, Blue Cross, Blue Shield, CIGNA, Evicore, Health Partners, United Health Care and more – Know each carrier required codes for reimbursement of an acupuncture claim
  • Quick code list for common acupuncture diagnosis codes
  • Updated coding for reimbursement including mental health conditions, stroke rehabilitation, adjunct cancer care, menstruation, constipation, IBS and more
  • Traditional medicine diagnosis and why it should be part of your notes
  • 2020 CPT coding new codes
  • Dry needling “needle insertion without injection”
  • Updated language and description for acupuncture codes
  • New codes for virtual and on-line E&M services, “dry needling”, laser, and language for manual therapy 97140
  • Modifiers which ones and how to use to avoid denials
  • Relative Value Units for commonly used CPT in the acupuncture office
  • Refine your coding skills to provide the most accurate and reimbursable codes
  • AMA vs the CMS 8-minute rule for timed services and how it may affect some of your claims
  • VA Choice and PC3 updates for Acupuncture care and Standard Episode of Care- Triwest and OptumHealth are now the carriers for VA depending on your region.
  • Know the proper modifiers used for VA claims
  • Clear up your understanding of the authorization and how many sets are allowed
  • Updated Fee Schedules – Insurance, VA Choice, Workers’ Compensation, et al
  • Updated and easy to use “validated outcome assessment tools” to assure medical necessity
  • New templates and tools for proper documentation. Stop guessing and know what is the requirement for acupuncture documentation.

E & M Coding

  • How to properly choose and document E&M and assure compliance to the guidelines (examination and consultation differentiation)
  • Understand how 99203 does not equal 99213 on a re-exam per the E&M Guidelines
  • Assure you have chosen the correct code based on the level of exam including how many bullets and elements are required for each level of E&M service (E&M guidelines)
  • Samples and examples of exams and the correct code level for each
  • The rules to determine the billing of additional E&M beyond the initial exam
  • How to use an E&M code for extended counseling
  • Preview for a 2021 changes for E&M services


  • Rules for acupuncture coding 97810-97814 and documenting the level of service
  • Physical medicine and rehabilitation codes – What is and is not in the scope of acupuncture
  • How to ensure physical medicine is payable under the equality provision of section 2706 of the ACA
  • Learn and understand to use modifiers to ensure reimbursement 25, 59, GP
  • Timed vs untimed services and what is required to satisfy minimum necessary rules
  • Coding for tui na, gwasha, cupping, moxibustion, massage, exercise, heat and other physical medicine services.
  • Dry needling “needle insertion without injection” including RVU and how to use


  • Documentation requirements for acupuncture and how to format, produce and be compliant
  • Protocols and forms to aid in establishing medical necessity
  • How, when and why to use standard outcome assessment tools
  • Bullet proof your documentation to avoid and proactively pass audits
  • Updated templates for documentation of exams and acupuncture daily notes

Veterans Choice & PC3

  • VA Choice and PC3 updates for acupuncture are and Standard Episode of Care- Triwest and OptumHealth are now the carriers for VA depending on your region.
  • Get your questions answered about enrollment, authorization, coding, payments and more
  • Fee schedules
  • Documentation and medical necessity


  • How to integrate insurance to enhance a cash-only practice
  • Integrating cash and prompt pay discounts, legally
  • Proper and legal formatting of prepaid services
  • How to manage hardships

Managed Care

  • Pros and cons of joining and what you must consider before signing up
  • Which are pro-acupuncture and anti-acupuncture

Personal Injury

  • How to manage and evaluate a PI claim to ensure reimbursement
  • PIP, Med Pay & Excess Med Pay and how they reimburse
  • Proper diagnosis for the personal injury claim
  • What to do about lien claims, LOP’s and attorneys?
  • How to make the attorney and ally and advocate to acupuncture

Workers Compensation

  • Acupuncturist Role in the Workers’ Compensation System 2020
  • Specific state regulations and fee schedule for acupuncture where applicable
  • Specific claim for requirements unique to workers compensation


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Advanced Acupuncture Billing and Coding Seminar


**ALL 2020 DATES FROM JANUARY to JULY APPROVED FOR NCCAOM 8 PDAs in professional enhancement cat.

***All 2020 CA locations from January to May are approved for CA Board (Cat 2) CEUs. Provider #013

Advanced Acupuncture Billing and Coding Seminar
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