Live Seminars: AAC Insurance Seminar – Essential Billing and Coding for Acupuncture

American Acupuncture Council has led the way on ethical billing, coding and reimbursement for the Acupuncture Profession for over 30 years. We know insurance, and it’s our business to ensure your success. With each seminar meticulously created by our own billing experts, you are guaranteed to receive the most comprehensive and informative course the industry has to offer. We will help you navigate the insurance maze and provide you with the tools necessary to achieve maximum reimbursements. All Seminars begin at 8am and finish at 5pm.

ICD 10 Preparation

  • Transition timelines; preparing for October 1st
  • Common acupuncture codes mapped from ICD9 to ICD10
  • Common acupuncture codes that are not part of ICD9
  • Important pitfalls to avoid (How to properly use A, D or S for strain and sprain)
  • Tips for navigating the transition with ease
  • Using the new codes to your advantage

Health Care Reform (Obama Care)

  • 2015 Mandates
  • Where acupuncture fits in your state
  • What Care-Exchange plans do pay acupuncturist for
  • Equality provision 2706 non-discrimination. What it does and how to enforce even in non-exchange plans


  • Understanding insurance and its role in enhancing an acupuncture practice
  • Specific acupuncture protocols & policies for coding and reimbursement Aetna BC, BS, Cigna, United Health care et al
  • Know the plans that are acupuncture friendly
  • Step by step protocol- Verification, billing and collection
  • Pros and Cons of being an “in network” provider for the insurance

Cash Practice Integration

  • Cash discounts- what is legal in your state
  • Pre-payment plans
  • Hardships
  • Super Bills – proper use and format


  • Documentation requirements for acupuncture, physical medicine and evaluation management codes
  • Timed vs untimed services and what is required
  • Use and implementation of outcome assessment forms to demonstrate medical necessity

Workers Compensation

  • 2015 Fee updates – common codes and fees
  • Acupuncturists role in the workers’ compensation – Predesignation & MPN
  • Updated procedure limits
  • Updated multi-procedure provider reduction and how it increases reimbursement
  • Step by step authorization and guidelines for acupuncture and Workers’ Compensation
  • Updated 1500 claim form requirements specific to Workers’ Compensation


  • How to get a denial from Medicare to send to a secondary with acupuncture benefits
  • Personal Injury
  • How to manage and evaluate a PI claim to ensure reimbursement
  • Supreme court rule on fees when health insurance is billed in a PI claim
  • Med Pay & Excess Med Pay and the role of managed care
  • Proper diagnosis for the personal injury claim
  • Common errors in justifying PI claims
  • How to manage a PI a claim when an attorney is involved

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