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Must Attend: Excellent information with recent updates to make sure you are getting the highest reimbursement..

You can take advantage of this endless supply of new patients
each worth from $2,500 to $4,000.

Veterans Choice Thumb

Veterans Choice For Acupuncture

  • Standards for continuity of patient care
  • Clinical record risk management specificity
  • Current Procedural Terminology CPT
  • Evaluation and management (E&M) coding
  • E&M compliance and requirement of documentation
  • Proper use and documentation of modifier 25
  • Acupuncture and Physical Medicine Coding
  • *Up to 3 PDAs/CEUs available in most states

“Everyone would love to work with veterans, but most practitioners stay away because they don’t know how to simplify the process and as a result make it too complicated and try to fight the system rather than take advantage of it.”

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The AAC Info Network Seminars will be holding this program remotely so that all registered attendees may still view the seminar live. 


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