5 rules of pre-pay compliance to consider…

Are you thinking about implementing a patient pre-pay acupuncture plan?

One of the barriers to patients returning for acupuncture is money.

If you are thinking about implementing a pre-pay acupuncture plan, here are 5 rules of pre-pay compliance to consider.

1-Your plan must consist of a specific number of treatments over a stated period of time.

2-It is important to put the terms of the plan in writing in the patient/doctor service agreement.

3-Do not offer unlimited treatment.

4-Have contingencies as part of the plan to address future injury, illness, auto accident, etc.

5-Have a refund clause stating patient may receive unused fees (prorated) if they wish to cancel treatment, or if doctor is unable to deliver treatment plan.

Thankfully, American Acupuncture Council Network is the expert with over 3 decades of experience in dealing with a wide range of acupuncture billing issues.


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