A bill was introduced in the California Legislature to implement the national exam for California licensure as well as national certification. This would mean one exam for California providers and not two. This move will grant national certification allowing acupuncturists to be responsive to the current demand
for their vital health care services throughout California and the nation. AAC believes this move will create standards that will grant greater and continued access for acupuncture services under local and federal policies and plans.Below is the press release from CSOMA with links to view the entire bill


Assembly Bill No. 918 (AB918) was officially introduced to the California Legislature on February 17, 2021, by Assembly Member Sharon Quirk-Silva.

What it is: AB918 is the first bill introduced in California to ensure a nationally recognized standard for the delivery of acupuncture medicine throughout the state.

What it does: The bill would allow a prospective acupuncturist to take the national examination to qualify for national certification and California state licensure.

Why CSOMA co-authored and support this bill: To enable acupuncturists to take one exam, save money to reduce student loan debt and secure enhanced portability of their credentials across the nation for greater employment opportunities.

Dr. Nell Smircina, CSOMA President, expresses our enthusiasm for this bill in the press release: “National certification is vital to continue to support our profession and public safety. National certification will continue to elevate acupuncture in California’s health care delivery system creating additional access for the thousands of individuals requesting this essential medicine.”

How you can participate: There are three ways you can participate in this 5-year campaign strategy:

  1. Educate yourself by reading the AB918 Education Packet. It’s comprised of the press release, fact sheet and bill language for AB918 – the same materials provided to legislators to get their support.
  2. Register for CSOMA’s 3/16 Legislative Town Hall Meeting. We’ll discuss AB918 in greater detail and answer your questions, including what the bill means for currently licensed acupuncturists. Please note: CEUs are not available for this Town Hall: our registration page might include the option, but that’s meant for our approved CE classes!
  3. Stay tuned for our Legislative Toolkit. We’re working hard to provide you with resources to make supporting this bill easy.

As always, we welcome your questions and suggestions. Please contact ra@csomaonline.org regarding AB918.


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