US studies support the effectiveness of electroacupuncture including…

Are you using electroacupuncture in your practice?

US studies support the effectiveness of electroacupuncture including:
1. A pain reliever for muscle spasms
2. A treatment for neurological disorders
3. A form of anesthesia
4. Treatment of skin conditions such as acne, renal colic, and acute nausea caused by cancer medications.

Just like manual acupuncture, electroacupuncture is covered by insurance.

Remember, billing with incorrect acupuncture CPT and ICD codes can lead to claim rejections and delays in payments, which can have a devastating impact on generating revenue and keeping you in business.

If you are experiencing insurance claim denial, staff spending too much time trying to get claims paid, and patients asking why their claims have not been paid then American Acupuncture Council Network (AACN) is your solution.

There is a reason acupuncturists have trusted AACN with their business for over 30 years.


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