2020 ICD10-CM Updates
71,932 codes in ICD10-CM 2018
72,184 codes in ICD10-CM 2019
273 New Codes
21 Deleted Codes
30 revisions
As occurs every October 1 there are additions and deletions to the ICD10 code set.
This year is had very little change related to acupuncture coding and claims. The most likely are revisions or new codes to cyclical vomiting related to migraine, cyclical vomiting and vertigo.
This list compromises the codes most likely to affect acupuncture claims. As always The AcuCode allows you to search for updates via a keyword search 10-1-2019 for this year, which corresponds to the effective date of the new code. Any care on or after October 1, 2019 must use the updated code or the claim will be denied for improper or invalid code.
A summary of the changes for each year 2017 to present is also listed) Those updates can be searched also by typing in 10-1- followed by the year 2018 or 2017) Note for Network members who do not subscribe to the AcuCode will not be able to do this search but can see the codes updated below.
Revision: G43A0 Cyclical vomiting, in migraine, not intractable
Revision: G43A1 Cyclical vomiting, in migraine, intractable

Add: H814 Vertigo of central origin
Delete: H8141 Vertigo of central origin, right ear
Delete: H8142 Vertigo of central origin, left ear
Delete: H8143 Vertigo of central origin, bilateral
Delete: H8149 Vertigo of central origin, unspecified ear

Revision: M50120 Mid-cervical disc disorder, unspecified level

Revision: M7750 Other enthesopathy of unspecified foot and ankle
Revision: M7751 Other enthesopathy of right foot and ankle
Revision: M7752 Other enthesopathy of left foot and ankle

Revision: Z6843 Body mass index (BMI) 50.0-59.9, adult

Add: R1115 Cyclical vomiting syndrome unrelated to migraine

2019 Updates

– Myalgia
M79.10 Myalgia (myofascial pain syndrome), unspecified site
M79.11 Myalgia of mastication muscle
M79.12 Myalgia of auxiliary muscles, head and neck
M79.18 Myalgia, other site
Type 1 excludes (do not code together)
Fibromyalgia M79.7
Myositis M60.0-M60.9

– Post Partum Depression F53.0
– Muscular dystrophy G71.00-G71.09

2018 Updates

– Spinal stenosis lumbar M48.061-M48.062

2017 Updates

– TMJ disorder M26.601-M26.609, M26.611-M26.619, M26.621-M26.629, and M26.631-M26.639
– Cervical disc M50.020-M50-920
– Sprain of jaw S03.40XA-S03.43XS
– Post procedural states (post-surgical pain) Z89.890


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